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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The end of this blog's life cycle... is the beginning

Bigger, better sequel with CGI and shit.

"Bitch, I love you....but now you gotta die!"

Now this is where the video montage of the incohernt ramblings begin to conclude the cesspool of words that spewed forth on this website.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Yahoo! Avatars

Cartoon me after taking a time machine, made out of a DeLorean back to 1994 to go to a Sublime Concert. Man I have way too much time on my hands. Thanks Yahoo Avatars.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

They were 18, they said so it was ok, right? Hippiefest, er Kerville Folk Festival was a blast this past weekend. Big props to a dude named Carl from South Austin who we ran into there. Dude told us stories of he and his girl backpacking/hitching across North America. He was way out there too. Supplied some good "therapy" smokes. Gonna meet up with him later this month at The roots concert and maybe down on some local south 1st street establisments he mentioned were awesome.

The music was great and there were always nightly jam sessions from camp to camp. I felt like an outsider but was welcomed with open arms. I never felt so much warmth from a place full of strangers. Next year I will be prepared, and stay for more than 4 days. I am no longer a Kerr-virgin.

We also ran into some kids like that of Peter Pan lore. They looked like the lost boys. It was a sight to behold, because they'd magically appear after dusk. mooching for free food, beer, etc. I was awestruck with some dude who was playing a tub with a string attatched like a bass guitar, man he sounded so great. I got into the songwriting mode lately, and am thinking of taking up guitar to go with my words. Gotta impress the ladies next year.

All in all well worth it for a first time. When I came back I felt an empty feeling, and I wanted to go back "home".

Friday, May 26, 2006

Meet me at Kerville at the festival this weekend bitches! If you see me say what up and win one dollar, and a cold beer! Say the secret phrase: "I think Christopher Lujan rules and he is the greatest person that I have ever met, I want to be like him, and belive in his ideals and moral character." If you are of female persuasion the phrase that pays is "Hi".

Details on Tuesday...

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For shits and giggles I went to do that What's your IQ?
I got a 120, they says I are a word warrior, I wanted to get a 80 Damn. If all that BS is true, then why am I floundering at a dead end job.... I'm an average genius. At least I got a higher average than the state of Texas which is 112. I'm smarter-er than all dem bastards. The in depth analysis thingy which you have to pay, I didn't due to the fact they tolded me I am Marty Mc Smart-smart so it was free, (I feel so elite) even let me printedded a certificate saying I am so smart. I',m gonna hangded it on the wall for all to see and to showed it to employers at Mac Donald's so I can be lead Toilet Scrubberrer or under the table gum removerer. I kin even sho the paper to the girls so I can give them my smart seed and we can make smart babies that can talk right out of their mom's tasty hole Enough of the sarcastic grammatics. Time to be stupid.

Today I want to cheer on the Dallas Mavericks for sending the Greedy Cheating Spurs packing. The Spurs looked so old compared to the Mavs all series long. Much props for pushing Dallas to seven games, but face it Spurs, you got to blow it up and start all over soon. Duncan is not getting any younger, Parker is bangin' Longoria on a daily basis, and Ginobli, just plays too hard for his fragile Mr. Glass body.

What type of woman goes to a car wash in the early morning dressed sexy, with high heels to wash a car? Someone in dire need of attention, and she got it from me Saturday. I couldn't finish washing my car. She had a brand new mustang she was so proud of. I wish I would of went up to her and be like, "Hey yo, bitch come here" and she would hand me her take for that night. Hells yeah!

Monday, May 22, 2006

I'm at a lost for words. I can't believe that the nation's top newspapers decide that a race horse's surgery/recovery is a top news story. What the fuck? Is the world so miserable, that they want to make a Seabiscuit feel good story? did they forget about our troops risking life and limb everyday for us. It's a sign...6/6/6 is just around the corner.

You also got fat out of shape, wish they made the gobs of money athletes make complain Barry Bonds, quite possibly the best ball player to ever play the game, Juiced, so fucking what? let the fuckers balls shrivel up and get a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. He's entertaining me with his homerun chase. It's his body not yours. He will eventually on his death bed say I was wrong for using steriods blah blah blah like Lyle"Sloth" Alzado did on Arsenio Hall before he died. He signed his soul away to make the bucks and get the glory, let it be. If it works don't fuck with it. remember when they were blaiming the baseballs being juiced during Sosa and McGuire's chace, hmmmm...

Since the retarded film of the retarded overrated book by the retarded author, The Davinci code was sold out I saw an utter abortion of a film in SEE no Evil starring WWE wrestler KANE. Ugghhhh! This should have been straight to video. The premise was promising, but it was waaayyyy to mediocre and predicatble. The only one I liked in the film was Christina who was the lesbo with the ethnic looks. mmmm ethnic looks....

I got my eyes on a girl here, more info when it happens...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Allright now that I'm back from lunch here. In the last 6 plus months that I lived without writing to my diary/blog: Texas Longhorns National Champions of the College Football world thanks to Vince Young, I also learned my bud Verduzco is a proud poppa. My buddy Charles was molested/raped by a girl who had a crush on him back in jan. when I went up to Dallas, more on that as I can recall. I consumed lots of liqour, bought a new car, watched some good movies (Silent Hill recnetly, Match Point, Hostel,) some overrated movies (Slither, The History of Violence; Although Maria Bello getting fucked violently on the stairs was neat-o ) Missed the Super Bowl the first time in 23 years, and was in 2 and a half relationships that helped establish my theory that the one true woman is hopefully stiill out there, just not in Austin yet.

Number 1. Let's call her Petunia. This girl was a shy inward type girl, kept to herself. I loved talking to her. It all went downhill after 3 months. She changed as her friend started talking to her about the things she could do with her assets GOD gave her. Her friend is Shakira like hot. So I noticed the subtle changes, the I'm a diva attitude, the changing of the hair color, and I said nope not for me. See ya, shake you coochie to the dogs err...guys. Materialistic C__T! sorry for the offensive language but I must vent damn it, I can't afford one of them mind doctors. I've seen her at times passing, going out of her way to come by my area, she looks miserable, like she knew she fucked up somehow, who she has now (*ahem* 4' 10" midget man) he's cool dude and I give him props for taking her under his midget wing, but I don't think she'll be happy, I see it in her face every day. She tries to play it off and gestures my way, I acknowledge with a hi, or nod of the head.

Number 2, Let's call her Denise. She was a rebound girl who was the 1/2. I met her at a local movie theater. Out of all the empty seats she sat next to me for Domino. We talked afterwards, we went out, we did what needed to be done and that was that. I felt no connection with her. She was a nice Chocolate mocha sip. I still have her number.....

Number 3. Let's call her ? She's one of them Asian girls. (quite possibly an illegal immigant I can't divulge too much into her life story, let's just say she was given some extra baggage re: a baby to come to America). Really pretty, but can't understand a damn thing she says. She is real soft spoken, and a joy to be around, at times. She lives with some of her family members. She never wanted to go out to the movies, or downtown. I stopped before I could. Mainly because after one month she's talking about marrying I hardly know her, much less understand her broken english. I think she uinderstood the "Just friends" speech.

So as you can see I can not understand why and how Love connections are made. Every woman I see I fall in love with (women rule), but when I get to know them, I see why they too are still looking. Maybe I should go down to Mexico and get me one of those down to Earth woman who aren't caught up with the whole hoopla of the media sensationalism of romance. I'm an old fashion traditionlist that likes to open a door for a lady. (Not that old fashion where I say a woman should be barefoot and pregnant while cooking my meal) I'm starting to conclude that Brian Wilson song with the lyric "I guess I wasn't made for these times" is my theme song. It was Sublime's "What I got" Dude I suck hard when it comes to relationships in the MTV ADD generation.

Now is that a ramble or what? And that's not even fueld by liquor, like 98 percent of the entires I made on this blog. The only women I have are my delicious 6 pack of Shiner Blondes I pick up every other week. They love me........

one year and counting.....Ok so I'm bored here at work and decided to start typing agian. I would do the My space thing, but far too many people are doing the "hook up" thing and I have no computer.
Let's see..since the last time I boys Opie and Anthony along with lil' Jimmy Norton are back where they belong for all to enjoy crude humor on a pg-13 scale. For that hardcore shit you got to get the XM....Howard Sterns done. It's all about him pocketing half a billion dollars.
On a writing streak as of some buds (heh) here that want to get creative so I got that going. The Access TV show is on halt until I can scrounge enough material for a season worth of quality Grade Q material.

Lost my fucking Sidekick and T-Mob is trying to get me to pay for early termination fee of 250 even though the contract was pretty much up in less than 30 days.

That and I'm still looking for a woman to fullfill my needs. All she has to do is be breathing and live in the Austin, Texas area Damn it man after turning 31 you get tired of the rat race, maybe I'll find one at the book store....Later kiddos. I'm back like you wouldn't believe